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Vendors know about us - Clouds & software options in the EU

Significant revenue streams

Imagine a straight line up each for revenue streams created already.

// Global from Auckland, Bengaluru, Tel Aviv, Edinburgh, New York up to Vancouver.

// Regional from Athens, Tirana, Budapest up to Tallinn.

// Local from Zurich, Vaduz, Vienna up to Berlin.

This all happens from our facilities centrally located in the EU, near by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Your benefits as an IT software manufacturer

Our innovative portfolio and expertise considers state of the art software, tailored to each area of current interest and cross sell principles apply. For your brand we open up the desired target market for an ROI from day one for IT, software and services. 

3 Models of Collaboration

// Promotion Partnership - 1 month

To create visibility for your company and products with instant results. It includes an initial meeting with us, and depending on the service, with one of our independent network partners. These are world class experts in their field of specialization in IT and Business. Based on your goals, the agreed activity can be ordered. The first advertisement of your brand can be planned for earning the fruits next month.

// Demand Generation Partnership - 1 quarter 

Targeted market preparation for your products and execution in a specific customer segment. Increase of new leads and further development of leads to the next level. Approaching a vertical industry or a specific geographic region in one continent or country. This pre-ordered activity includes building a pipeline for a specific product group of your desire or the entire product portfolio. The initial meeting coordinates the direction of the initiative according to your annual sales and marketing goals. This especially speeds up the next quarter by further influencing the fiscal year to get the desired results.  

// Innovation Partnership - 1 year

For the start in a market segment, an industry or a country. It is based on an agreement signed by both parties with us as an authorized distributor without any upfront investment for you. You benefit from our network and contacts to decision-makers. The sale of your products is starting same month, for results with global impact same year.

Announcements 2020

March - Webinar for PKI with INDEED IDENTITY Certificate Manager 

April - UBISECURE award winning software in Europe

May - Webinar introduction of INDEED Privilege Access Management

June - Webinar UBISECURE 1st choice for CIAM in the EU for Modernization

July - Introduction of KnowMeNow, blockchain enabled KYC innovations 

August - Legacy migration for PKI with INDEED Certificate Manager

September - Introduction of PATECCO Managed Services IAM, PAM

October - Introduction of CLOUDSIGMA for cloud migration IaaS,PaaS,SaaS 

November - Webinar INDEED IDENTITY Access Management 8.0

December - Introduction of BALASYS for end-to-end API Security

Announcements 2021

January - Webinar Proxedo API Security from BALASYS made in the EU

February - Webinar CLOUDSIGMA for cloud migration

March - Webinar INDEED IDENTITY for secure digital transformation

April - Webinar KNOW ME NOW for KYC verified by AML principles

May - Webinar with PATECCO for Managed IAM Services

June - Webinar QGEN Online for less fraud through sanctions screening

July - Webinar Rational Cybersecurity with SECURITY ARCHITECTS PARTNERS

September - Webinar with UBISECURE for more online business

October - Online Conference PKI 2.0 promotion of Indeed Identity

November - Podcast Trilogy to look at Privileged Access Management 

December - Podcast Trilogy to look at MFA, SSO, Access Management

Announcements 2022

January - Webinar Digital Workspace Compliance with Managed PAM Services by PATECCO