An entire network found if just researched a company, the EU-HUB Network founded in Germany.


Be inspired by technological innovations from the EU. Our many years of expertise relate to IT and agile business processes. The focus is on unique software for digitization, IT architecture, GRC, data, identity and cybersecurity as well as on established Managed Services and and IT consulting in several areas of interest. As a distributor with a worldwide community of decision makers and experts we resell software and related IT services, direct and indirect with independent Network Partners from our intercontinental network. 

Subject Areas

European software solutions from our Innovation Partners for Cybersecurity, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Identity Threat Detection and Response, Privileged Access Management, User Behavior Analytics, PKI Certificate Management, Database Security, Data Architecture, Managed Services, IDaaS, IAM, Identity Governance Administration, Identity Analytics, RBAC, Multi-Factor Authentication, Enterprise Single Sign-On, Access Management, Adaptive Authorization, Customer Identity and Access Management, GRC and further innovative high technologies in the pipeline.

Our customer contacts are coming from this segments

// Enterprises - CIO, CISO, IT Manager, Auditor, IAM, Governance, Risk, Compliance, AML Officer, IT Project Manager, IT Architect

// Software Manufacturers - Founder, CEO, CTO, Product Manager, A&C Director

// System Integration and Consulting - Owner, Business Unit Manager 

// All industries B2B, B2C, G2C - CMO, Manager for Marketing, Brand, PR

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What our clients have in common in early markets

Clear intention to get results in a pre-defined time frame. Reducing risks and costs for better results faster than the industry. Focus on revenue growth and resilience in an ever-changing environment.

Your Benefits as a Customer of us

The visibility for the brand of our Innovation and Network Partners like software manufacturers and system integrators is scaling out globally by our promotion worldwide with a community of more than 10,000 individual followers in social media. Our enterprise customers in the public and private sector from all key industries benefit from our proven international expertise as well as from our very deep knowledge in all fields of information technology. We sell only preselected and innovative software developed in Europe with excellent technical support. This is an advantage for our global customers and anyway in the EU, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, thus unique for us as an authorized distributor