Sweden, Sebastian Domancich 

"For our IAM program in banking our collaboration is quite supportive".

(Identity and Access Management - Project Reference 2017).


Israel, Yarom Arad 

"For our vendor activities in Germany we received significant backwind".

(Privilege Management - Linkedin 2016).


Dubai, Mohamed Arsath 

"We established together a capable partner community to deliver results faster“.

(Data Integration, ERP and CRM Runtime Performance, Cloud Migration - Linkedin 2012).


Malta, Godwin Schembri 

"As the spokesperson on our conference, Michael pointed out that Compliance is by far the leading motivator behind organisations' investments in Security".

(Database Security - Times of Malta 2009).  


England, Marcelo Luft 

"Once we waited hours on the next order after an exorbitant successful initial workshop to cover completely all customer needs, and yes it was worth 1 days intensive work for this large German insurance company“.

(CRM - Linkedin 2002). 

High Technology Impact

Software Solutions

Customer Identity and Access Management CIAM

Increase the customer loyality by onboarding new clients faster and reduce the churn rate, by accelerating revenue in digital channels for achieving the better results for your product brand compared to others in the same industry. The software solution includes adaptive authentication and features for customer self-services as a 1st step towards customer identity verification.


Know Your Customer, decentralized ID Verification, AML

Simplify the onboarding process of your customers from every place and with the freedom of choice on any device, secure as encrypted and public key based. Protect the customer centric privacy and automate the verification procedures. Millions of consumers want it and as a merchant you benefit from the digital KYC concept by reducing onboarding time from weeks to seconds. It's blockchain enabled and thereby decentralized, without software storage, comfortable and passwordless. It‘s for compliance with AML principles and available and integrated for both, customer verification for individuals and for legal entities as well.


B2B, B2C, Delegated ID Authorization

Take advantage on unique software features such as the right to represent for solving the challenges of the most complex IAM scenarios B2B and B2C and for both cominations (family principle) and benefit from the more competetive software by design, to impact the project delivery within the expected time. 


Cloud Migration IaaS, PaaS, SaaS 

Cloud migration from on-premises or from previous cloud provider fur using applications unmodified at trusted locations of choice in the EU and worldwide in case of global activities - reliable, performant and with the best price-performance ratio.


Identity Governance and Administration 

Employee oriented IAM effectively and efficiently manage the entire user life cycle from entry, relocation until exit to achieve regulatory compliance, improve security further and simplify processes at reduced costs.


Multi-Factor Authentication MFA

Ensure save payment processes based on 2-factor-authentications according to regulations such as PCI-DSS, PSD2 and GDPR and secure access to your sensitive company resources by using a 2nd factor like email, SMS or biometrics, depending on the risk level.


Identity Analytics

Accelerate digital transformation by simplifying audit checks and for compliance with regulations for adhering to SoD principles, as well as reducing risks related to user access rights.


Privileged Access Management 

Avoid insider threats as the top violation according to independant analysis, reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and pass through the next audit faster. 


PKI Certificate Management

Get in tune with the times by placing-in modern software technology on reduced operational costs as a positive side effect regarding your public key infrastructure, for getting control over all authentication processes and for achieving enterprise wide readiness in the 2020s this decade, audit-proofed. 


API Security 

Exposing API's in digital transformation projects is opening the front door for security violations nowadays more than ever. Prevention of API security breaches is required to avoid unauthorized access to APIs end-to-end at rest and in transit. Application owners and developers benefit from compliance with regulations. It's provided by significant enhancements to WAF security firewalls based on customized API policy enforcements including legacy support and load balancing for investment protection.

Managed Services and further Consulting

Identity-as-a-Service IDaaS, customer-enabled

Achieve compliance sooner as required from regulatory regulations and from auditors the same, including relevant advantages such as cost-effective Single Sign-on and compliant Multi-Factor-Authentication, by using IDaaS software out-of-the box without waiting time, but in a trusted cloud data denter.



Achieve compliance and improve operational efficiencies through faster integrated  processes by using the most comprehensive SaaS portal available today in real-time 24/7 for customer verfication of legal and natural persons with age validation, identity document authentication, for fraud risk reduction with liveliness video legitimation and for effective sanctions screening.


Consulting Services for Information Security and GRC 

From the initial workshop for decision support with delta analysis of the given initial situation in comparison to project goals before you can start afterwards, through project preparation to implementation skills, each phase can be referenced.


Managed IAM Services 

Delegate the basic tasks to a service provider and use the external expertise with fixed and therefore predictable costs for each IAM focus area. Thus making time and budget available for new digitization initiatives, including unique software for making a difference in terms of project success within expectations, both in terms of content and time.  


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