"Happiness like Echo, but the answer doesn't come by itself" (C. Sylva).

Product Marketing is working with us for Brand Promotion

The product brand is the most powerful asset of your enterprise, whether your company is a start-up in the early days, or already in the growth stage and even if established and well known on Global scale. It's an ongoing journey for increasing further the company value through your brand.  

DASHBOARD with Traffic Light Principle

For the Dashboard with the traffic light principle included in the software, the 80/20 rule applies, since 100% are difficult to achieve, even not by the support of the software and the recommended workshop on-site, but it‘s definitivly closed to it. 

Chances in Product Marketing

Strong brands are leading to significant results. According to neutral market expertise the growth potential goes up to 20% of your current operative results. In other words calculate first this impact and next just think on the path down that road. The borderless success of your brand.

Further benefits aren‘t unidirectional but three-dimensional

Product brand & vision - differentiated go-to-market for more market share.

People - optimized closing rate and more customer retention. 

Market & trends - traffic light principle used for reaching KPI‘s faster.


You benefit from this innovative software tool by reducing your time efforts and for increasing further the value of your product brand.